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Parcel Rate Reduction

Make your agreements more agreeable. Get best-in-class rates for transportation, fuel, accessorial charges, and more.

Parcel Rate Reduction

Account managers at UPS and FedEx often tell their clients about their "very competitive volume based discount programs" as if giving 20% off of ground shipments is making the carrier break even on servicing their account. Without intimate knowledge of the carriers actual fluctuating costs - it's hard to know exactly where the line is between "savvy negotiating" and "asking for the moon".

More Than Just Asking For Discounts

Outside of your standard service level discounts, there are dozens of assessorial charges, which for some reason go by hundreds of billing names. These fees span every potential shipping event, from fuel charges and residential surcharges, to more complex rate factors for things like Dimensional Weight Divisors (for bulky but light weight items).

we've actually built our own cost modeling software that's similar to what the carriers use

It's a LOT to keep track of. So much so that we've actually built our own cost modeling software that's similar to what the carriers use to track your accounts. As we work with the carriers to improve your contract, we can quickly compare multiple scenarios to find what works best with your real-world spending habits. In fact, we use your existing invoice data to project future cost savings - and we make sure we don't give ground on things that actually impact your future invoices.

Maintaining Your Good Carrier Relationship

Beyond the invoice data, it's important that we take in to account your future shipping changes. As you roll out new products or start shipping to different parts of the world, we can be proactive dealing with the carriers to make sure you're getting the best possible pricing.

The carrier has their own level of wants and needs, and keeping them informed as your business changes means they have the chance to incentivize your shipping patterns to create win-win scenarios. Ideally this makes your relationship with your carrier more collaborative, efficient, and (with us in your corner) more cost effective.

Let us put together a proposal, custom-tailored to your shipping profile, and see how much you can be saving.

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