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Parcel Audit

Hands-free error detection and refund collection.
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Parcel Audit

When shipping a package, everyone hopes their box gets from A to B on schedule, undamaged, and for a fair price. To the carriers credit, they successfully deliver millions and millions of packages every single day, and around 97% of the time, everything goes according to plan.

Carriers are generally willing to grant you a refund… if you ask for one

Now, on the rare occasion that something does go wrong (like a late delivery, inaccurate billing, lost or damaged packages, etc) - these carriers are generally willing to grant you a refund… if you ask for one. There are exceptions, of course, and we’ll get into that - but it’s important to recognise that the carriers are usually happy to make things right when they’ve failed to keep their end of the bargain (after you bring it to their attention).

The problem for companies like yours is: it takes a quite bit of effort to identify exactly which packages are eligible for refunds… and then once you’ve identified these issues, it takes time to request your refunds, write an explanation of their mistakes, and follow up to make sure you’ve received your credits. When you have thousands of packages going out every month, the cost of checking for mistakes can easily outpace the potential recovery.

This is exactly why we’ve automated the entire process.

Some of the worlds biggest companies use ShipSights platform to recover unnecessary costs and gain better visibility to their own shipping habits. Once enrolled, the system is completely self managing. We securely fetch your invoice data, we deliver your savings, and we make you look like a genius every month as refunds post to your account.

Start Two Weeks Ago

It only takes a minute to get started - and once you’re enrolled we can immediately start identifying and collecting your refunds from the last two weeks of shipments. Getting started is free, and guarantee ROI by only charging a percentage of what’s actually recovered and credited back to your account.