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About Us

About Us

Our founders were on the other side of the table negotiating contracts as employees of UPS and FedEx

Long before ShipSights, our founders were on the other side of the table negotiating contracts as employees of UPS and FedEx. We spent over a decade being hands-on calculating margins and tracking account profits. We've handled thousands of shipping accounts, all asking for discounts and changes.

When you have that many interactions, you quickly learn how to separate those who are just guessing and those who know what a reasonable pricing package looks like. Those who come with a comprehensive and accurate pricing package... they stand out in the crowd. And they definitely get a better deal compared to those "tough negotiators" who are maybe less informed or unrealisticly aggressive with their proposals.

Chase Flashman, our founder and CEO, We came to the realization a few years ago that we could use our experience and insights to help businesses reduce their shipping expenses. We decided it would probably be more fulfilling than trying to maximize profits for one of only two major vendors for parcel shipping.

Since then, we've been able to help hundreds of clients. We've created some pretty cool in-house technology, and partnered with some vendors to bring millions in savings to the clients that trust us with their supply chain.

Working With ShipSights

We come directly from the big carriers. Our executive team is stacked with former UPS and FedEx employees. We know where the savings are because, well... we put them there. Decades spent working on the carriers side has given us first hand experience into the how these companies think and operate - and because we used to set and negotiate pricing on the carriers side, we know exactly how much they’re willing to give in order to keep an account like yours on their books.

We’re not interested in beating up your in-house logistics team, nor are we interested in taking the wrenches the carriers for that matter. We bring solutions and efficiencies that help your bottom line AND make the carriers happy to hand over cost reductions.

Start Auditing
Parcel & Freight Invoices

Identify Savings
Review & Implement Solutions

Continue Monitoring
And Catch New Opportunities

5 Minutes From Now:

Once you've signed up for our parcel audit we start immediately recovering around 1-5% of your total shipping spend by catching the carriers billing errors, service failures and other simple mistakes. If you change your mind you can cancel at any time.

It’s free to start and we share the recovered funds. We never charge you if we don’t successfully recover your money, and you enjoy all the reporting features that come along with our service at no cost. This audit can reach back in time about 2 weeks and recover erroneous charges that may have already been paid. It continues to work away in the background from then on.

2 Weeks After Signing Up:

Once ShipSights is auditing your invoices, we provide a complementary performance analysis in around 2 weeks. This review gives us a chance to discuss our findings, and it gives you a chance to discuss your needs with our executive team. If we identify any an opportunity for savings, we’ll highlight it and present you with a solution.

...It’s routine for us to find 20 to 30% overall cost savings opportunities...

Most of the time, the solutions we offer require zero changes in your day-to-day operations. Even in well-managed accounts, it’s routine for us to find 20 to 30% overall cost savings opportunities. In fact, most of the time, the bigger the account, the more there is to find.

1 Month After Analysis

You've started saving with the audit on Day 1, and within a month of your analysis, we should already see meaningful results from our more impactful services, such as Parcel Rate Reduction. You'll also benifit from access to detailed reports with tracking-number level details so you know exactly how we saved your money. Keep in mind, the only time ShipSights gets paid is when we deliver measurable and successful cost reductions to your business. We wouldn’t survive if we weren’t able to do this time and time again.

Going Forward

Businesses change. We want to be there when you hit your busy season; when you decide which city should host your next warehouse and distribution center. We want to watch your shipping habits as they evolve - and be that second set of eyes on your operations to spot when things look out of place. We want to help you forecast distribution costs for your new product line, and when the carrier decides to bump rates 4.9% (like every other year) or when they dream up a new assessorial charge to hit you with. We want to help you avoid costs that you'd have no way of forseeing.

Entire supply chain process is optimized.

Extensive experience and in-depth knowledge are leveraged to review historical shipping data, analyze current costs, compare to industry averages, and validate key performance indicators.