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Measurable Savings On Every Package

ShipSights combines deep industry knowledge with powerful custom technology


Industry Leading Technology

Our supply chain executives work directly with our software engineers


Financial Modeling And Forecasting

ShipSights works with your existing team to plan your growth and realize savings


End-To-End Supply Chain Improvements

ShipSights develops industry leading supply chain software and produces enterprise level consulting solutions.



  • Best-In-Class Rates On Your Existing Accounts
  • Automated Line-Item Audit & Recovery
  • Package Level Analysis & Reporting
  • USPS Wholesale & Group Rates
  • Contract Compliance Monitoring
  • 100% Self Funded, Contingent On Results


  • Invoice Audit & Recovery, All Modes
  • Carrier Agreement Optimization
  • Mode Optimization Reviews
  • LTL, TL, Air, and Ocean
  • Contract Compliance
  • Exclusive Wholesale and Group Rates
  • Enhance Realtime Visibility

Managed Services

  • Free TMS
  • TMS Implementation
  • End-to-End Warehouse & Fulfillment
  • 3PL RFQ Integration
  • Distribution Center Site Location Analysis
  • Shipping Mode Optimization


Servicing the world's largest shippers

Clients that work with ShipSights see 20-30% in measured improvement over existing operations within the first 4-6 weeks of engagement, and insulate future operations from additional surcharges and increases in rates by over 50%.

Why ShipSights

ShipSights develops industry leading supply chain software
and produces enterprise level consulting solutions.

Up to 30% Annual Cost Reduction on Annual Transportation Spend

ShipSights cloud-based platform can be configured in minutes and returns immediate savings.

  • Get started in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to use dashboard and reporting.
  • Enjoy a 14-day free audit trial.
  • Performance based rates guarantee ROI.
  • Real refunds with zero man-hours from your staff.
  • Handles the most complex shipping environments.

Get up and running fast

In 5 minutes you can sign up, add your shipping accounts, and be done. Forever.

  • Sign up today and start auditing two weeks ago
  • Create meaningful reports without touching a spreadsheet.
  • Automatically collects future invoices, no need to upload.
  • Automatically ensure contract compliance.
  • Compatible with UPS, Fedex, and DHL.
  • Minimal configuration due to responsive technology.

Enterprise level insights

Our analysts & software engineers collaborate to make industry leading tools which start with invoice data and end with clear insights

  • Beyond what carriers provide
  • Objective insights
  • Predict impact internal changes
  • Detailed modeling
  • Project costs of scheduled rate adjustments
  • Compare vendors cost and capacity

Valuable Logistics Reporting Technology

ShipSights starts with the carrier invoice, then integrates several 3rd party sources to fully enrich your data.

  • High level statistic visualizations
  • Rich interactive dashboards
  • Automatic scheduled reporting
  • Line-item level visibility
  • US based training and support
  • Frequent updates and new tools

Verifiable and Proven Savings

ShipSights technology provides savings detail based on your actual carrier invoices.

  • We only invoice what we can prove we saved.
  • Every package and assessorial charge accounted for.
  • Detailed reports support every invoice.
  • Performance based pricing.
  • Guaranteed ROI.

Real savings, backed by data.

ShipSights Carrier Agreement Optimization Team combs through every detail of carrier contracts and invoices to confirm carriers honor your custom rates. Customers see up to 30% in annual savings after ShipSights involvement.

Superior Data And Analytics

ShipSights Helps Hundreds of Businesses Save Millions on Shipping

ShipSights highlights new cost-savings opportunities for your business by benchmarking data and assessing current shipping spend. Automated tools work together to deliver refunds back to FedEx, DHL and UPS shipping accounts without anyone on your team doing any work.

  • We do all of the work, and you collect the savings.
  • Full access to all enterprise tools and reports.
  • 100% of the refunds and savings available within your shipping account are secured.
  • There are no upfront or
    ongoing costs.

Free DC Planning Tool

Add your distribution centers, paste in delivery zip codes (or cities), and quickly visualize coverage areas. We also load in UPS Ground Transit Times to help you research your own shipping habbits.
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Manage From Anywhere

ShipSights looks great on any phone, tablet or desktop computer making it easy to manage your shipping accounts and get reports while on the go.

  • Works on any device
  • Does all the work
  • Easy-to-use
  • Secure credit card storage
  • AutoPay built-in
  • Intuitive reporting

Entire supply chain process, optimized.

Extensive experience and in-depth knowledge are leveraged to review historical shipping data, analyze current costs, compare to industry averages, and validate key performance indicators.

How ShipSights Works

A Smart Technology With Easy 3-Step Process

ShipSights offers comprehensive services to fit shippers of all sizes. Every step required to find and secure refunds back to your FedEx, DHL and UPS shipping accounts is handled by ShipSights. All work is done on a performance-basis which means ShipSights doesn't receive a dollar unless you make money

1 Analysis

Creating an account takes two minutes and only a few pieces of information are needed to complete the process. No credit card is required at the time of registering your account.

  • 2 Minute Setup
  • No Credit Card To Enroll
2 Review Analysis Results

In order to provide robust parcel managed services, ShipSights has built the ultimate solutions portfolio that includes shipment auditing, carrier agreement optimization.

  • 2 Minute Setup
  • No Credit Card To Enroll
3 Deployment

All claims are automatically submitted & tracked as they are credited back to your FedEx and UPS accounts. It verifies the amount of each refund, and splits this amount with you.

  • 2 Minute Setup
  • No Credit Card To Enroll

Reduce your shipping costs today!

Shippers everywhere are overpaying their carriers. The revolutionary carrier cost modeling products built into ShipSights set a new standard in the parcel industry by providing advanced solutions for big and small businesses.

What Our
Customers Say

Hundreds of Companies Trust ShipSights To Optimize Their Operations.

ShipSights works for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, large enterprises
and governmental agencies to lower total shipping spend.

Cost reconciliation and reporting was a big reason why we signed up for ShipSights. Everything's just so easy to use.

Charles R.
Director of Global Logistics

Our company was shipping via express service types. ShipSights noticed 60% of those shipments could have travelled ground and arrived on the same day. ShipSights saves us money in many ways. We wouldn't be as
efficient without it.

Julie F.

Our previous freight auditing company only secured half of the savings that ShipSights finds and delivers back to our UPS account each week.

Paul H.

A no-brainer for our operation. No one was looking at our shipping accounts before we signed up for ShipSights.

Mike W.
Purchasing manager

Negotiating our carrier contract with the support of ShipSights showed us exactly how much money we missed out on over the years. Now, we see 15% in savings annually. My only regret is I didn’t reach out to ShipSights sooner.

Greg J.
Operations Manager

Our small business ships for less thanks to ShipSights. Great concept and great billing terms. Thank you.

Jason L.
Business Owner